About Zero Power Laboratoryゼロパワー研究所とは


The Zero Power Laboratory is studying methods that free you from distortion of human body caused by stresses.
Many people may think that we human beings are the same.
The truth is that there are common things with other people, but also different things from each other.
We are trying to find the methods to regain the sense of judge what is right things for your truth or not.


Modern people choose things that do not fit themselves or unnecessary things without consciously, and they accumulate stress.
As a result, the body continues to be tense and causes distortion of the pelvis and skeleton.
The service and products we provide will eliminate the source of distortion, return to your true self, and then regain the sensibility that you can choose what you need.
it mean to distort your body?

What does it mean to distort your body?



We modern people eat, go to and take things that they don't really need or feel disliked due to be misled by the information.
Wild animals can distinguish what they can eat or not by sight, smell, touch, and so on. They can sense the earthquake and go to a safe place before it comes.
In order to keep their lives in severe nature, they receive signals from the body such as "it is unnecessary" and "it is dangerous".


Our human body also sends out important signals as like as animals.
However, We value "thinking" rather than "feel", so we cannot catch important signals that the body is sending.
As a result, most of us are us are under condition that we cannot filter what we need, what is safe, what will help, etc.
So stress builds up by getting things that are a negative factor for you into your life.
* What is unnecessary is different in each person. You are the one who knows what truth is for you, such as what is good, what is need, what help for you.


The stress caused by negative factors for you makes your muscles tense, and if the condition lasts for a long time, the pelvis is distorted and affects the entire body.
Distortion in the body stagnates body fluids such as blood and lymph, and appears as an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, migraines and so on.
Like the wild animals, the body informs us of the negative factors by creating unpleasant symptoms and emotions, and tells us what we need and do not need.

Business description


  • 塩製造・販売

    Salt production and sales

  • アロマオイル製造・販売

    Aroma oil production and sales

  • 観葉植物・農産物製造・販売

    Manufacture and sale of houseplants and agricultural products

  • リラクゼーション・

    Relaxation and healing service

ゼロパワー研究所株式会社 会社概要

Company Profile

会社名 company name ゼロパワー研究所株式会社 Zero Power Laboratory Co., Ltd.
代表者 Representative 富岡 利恵 Rie Tomioka
所在地 location 〒905-1632 沖縄県名護市饒平名129 129 Yohena, Nago, Okinawa Pref.
Zip Code 905-1632
電話番号 phone number 0980-52-8735 0980-52-8735
設立 Establishment 令和元年5月28日 2019 May 28
事業内容 Business description 塩製造・販売
中古発電機、農機具販売 など Salt production and sales
Aroma oil production and sales
Manufacture and sale of houseplants and agricultural products
Relaxation and healing service
Used generators, farm equipment sales, etc.
資本金 Capital 700万円 7 million yen
許可・登録・免許 Permit / Registration / License 古物商971091900203 Curio dealer 971091900203


Corporate Philosophy, Aims


The company was established with the aim of creating an environment where people in the future can live true to oneself.
Modern human society has become physically very convenient thanks to the development of various technologies. Can we say that the quality of humans themselves has improved along with physical development?
From the philosophical pursuit “ what human beings are” to the problems faced by individuals and society levels , the efforts and time have been spent for solving these problems from ancient times to the present day. However, the problems faced by human society are becoming more complex and larger.
I think that the contents of the problems faced by individual people have not changed since ancient times.


Where is the root of the cause?
Ultimately, I don't know who I am and what I don't understand is the cause of all the problems in the first place.
I think that each person has their own interpretation of their existence, born of their own desire, born regardless of their will, but I think that every person has some meaning and purpose I think I was born.
If each person is aware of what he / she is originally and can live in his own way, then the social problems that we currently have will be resolved naturally and transformed into a harmonious society. I think I will go.
Our role is to help each person regain their self.


We named “zero power” to remove the internal and external factors that prevent us from being the original person, to make it zero, and to encourage that person to live with his own pride.
We don't fight or fight with other people. We recognize others, live in harmony, and develop, manufacture and provide services that eliminate (zero) stress on people's body and mind. doing.
We produce salt, which is important for human health, from carefully selected spots in the beautiful Okinawa sea.
We also produce and sell agricultural products such as fruit vegetables and foliage plants that do not cause stress to the mind or body.
In addition, we are engaged in the development and production of massage oils and aroma oils to relax the stiff body and mind and provide healing services.

CEO Profile

代表取締役 プロフィール


名古屋大学大学院生命農学研究科修了 博士(農学)取得
2007年 名古屋大学大学院生命農学研究科助教就任
2019年 名古屋大学を退職し、5月にゼロパワー研究所株式会社を設立。
著書:一人一宇宙的生き方 2013年 三恵社
   歪みが教えてくれる本当の自分 2013年 三恵社

CEORie Tomioka

Graduated from Nagoya University
Graduated from Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University (Doctor of Agriculture)
2007 Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University
In 2019, he retired from Nagoya University and established Zero Power Research Institute in May.
Book: One person, one universe way of life, 2013 Sankeisha
The true self that distortion teaches, Sankeisha, 2013